Monday, December 22, 2008

It's potty time!

Finally, finally, finally Aidan has shown an interest in using the potty. Last night as I was packing, he was in the bedroom with me watching cartoons. He got excited about something and did a little hop, and I noticed that he had major droopy drawers. I told him I wanted to change his diaper, and he whipped it off for me. (Thank goodness it was only wet!) On a whim, I decided to put him in underwear. I'm not really sure what came over me. I turned on the light in his bathroom, showed him where to go if he felt the urge, and went on with packing. Before I know it, he's in the bathroom sitting on the potty. I walked by to get something from another room and told him to call me if he needed any help. A few minutes later, he's calling. I go to help him, and he's trying to sit straight on the bit potty by himself, no kiddie seat. And once he's up there, he peed in the potty! I was so excited. He even went one more time before bed! We put him in a pullup to sleep, and he woke up with it dry and has used the potty all morning today! Of course, he picked the night before a road trip to start doing this, but I am so thrilled that he's finally decided to try! I'm not holding my breath for the number 2's yet, though. But we're finally getting somewhere.

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