Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had hoped to be posting photos of my Christmas decorations by now. I brought two or three boxes down from the attic, unpacked them, and had begun giving them their holiday homes before we decided to go ahead and move. So instead, I have Christmas sitting sadly on the mantel that I will not get the decorate this year.

I have Christmas sitting in piles in the dining room.

My house is quickly turning back into an echo chamber, as I take down all the curtains I spent all summer making for this house. Hopefully some of them will work in the new place, and some of them will make nice pillows someday.

It's a good thing we're going out of town in a week, because it's getting a little sad around here.

On the bright side, I'll have lots to share as we begin settling into our new home.

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  1. Your new place sounds great. You'll get to decorate your little girls room and it sounds like you may have a toy room too! A lot more space will be great.