Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Disney Thanksgiving

We went to Disney World for Thanksgiving this year. What was supposed to be a much-anticipated family vacation ended up being a much-needed forced break from the madness of packing. If the trip hadn't been planned since June, I think I might have completely overlooked Thanksgiving this year. Don't worry. I won't share all 255 of my pictures here, just a few of my favorites. That one up top was actually taken on our last day. It was the first day we'd seen the Magic Kingdom with the sun shining. We'd done it in bits and pieces in the evenings leading up to the last day.

I only have two photographs of either of my children with a Disney character. Neely would burst into tears if one neared her, and Aidan would pretend they weren't there. We could be walking through the park, and someone would say, "Look, Aidan! There's Goofy, Mickey, Minnie..." and he would look the other way.

See? If I pretend she's not there, she'll go away.

Here's Neely at Epcot on Thanksgiving Day.

Joe & Maggie in a Kim Possible phone booth.

What is this on my head?

I love myself.

This is the happiest place on earth, dude. Cheer up!

Pretty, pretty girl.


Aw, they love each other.

And the pinnacle...the mouse ears that Aidan picked. Of course, they're Lightning McQueen ears. Of course. And I couldn't get Neely to keep hers on long enough to get a picture.


  1. Looks like fun to me!

  2. Perhaps mom and dad had the most fun?! I love the pretend she's not there and maybe she will go away! HA! Have a great week. The Twins

  3. Cute pictures! Our kids felt the same way about the characters as yours, it's a good thing there were a few days to get them warmed up to things!

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog today!