Monday, March 21, 2011

Make it work

Look at me. I'm channeling Tim Gunn. "Make it work, people!" And I'm immediately off on a tangent, only you wouldn't even know it, because I never made it to the point to begin with. Silly me.

Our new home is all one level, but it has a remote master. I love it, except the way I normally handle the laundry situation is no longer working. In our last home, all our bedrooms were upstairs, so everybody shared one hamper. It was easy to gather up the kids' discarded clothing and toss it in my closet along with the rest. Now? Not so much. I feel like I am constantly hiking to the back corner of the house - where the laundry collection center my closet happens to be - when I discover dirty clothes.

The solution? Land of Nod's I Think I Canvas mega sorter. Sort of. I intended for it to go underneath the sink in the kids' bathroom to collect all their dirties. I even measured to be sure it would fit, because I'm cool like that.

It arrived today, and when they say mega, they are not kidding. This thing is HUGE-gantic! I tried to remind it that I'd measured, and it was supposed to fit! It didn't listen. I made it work in a different way. I traded out the $2 Big Lots laundry basket that's been living in my closet for Mr. Mega. The laundry basket fits perfectly under the sink.

I guess I could have saved myself some money by trying that to begin with, but I'm kind of excited about having a sorter now. Like I said before, I'm cool like that.


  1. Great idea! I will need to check them out when we get there.

  2. I love my sorter for just the 2 of us....well 3...Toby generates towel laundry! hopefully it will work just as well with baby too!