Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving in the woods again this year. My grandparents were unable to make the trip this time, so this time, there was no paranormal activity to speak of. We were, however, relatively technology-free and had a great time playing outside, eating, spending time with family, eating, reading, eating, playing games, and of course, eating. I actually had a food hangover on Friday. My blood sugar was so out of whack from Thanksgiving, that I felt awful all day! Note to self:  Do not repeat this experience at Christmas. Here are my favorite photos from the trip.

Dad carved some Thansgiving pumpkins. He had to add the "K" to the back of the second pumpkin. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm pretty sure I was the last one to notice...after someone pointed it out to me. And I'd been taking all kinds of photos of it!

Sweet, smiley Levi.

John, Aidan, and Levi playing Angry Birds, or Tiny Wings, or Battleship, or something.

Neely Bug. She was so cute with her ponytail, turkey shirt, jeggings, and pink cowgirl boots. It's too bad you can hardly see any of that in the photo.

Food prep. That's a lot of garlic! Mmm...

Some of the line-up.

Uncle Jopey, working for his supper.

Maggie and Levi.

Turkey time!

Gathered to eat.

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