Monday, December 19, 2011

Buddy the Elf - Part II

Buddy has been up to more trouble at our house. I thought I'd share some more of his tricks. 

He hides in the Christmas decorations.

He found the mustache props left over from the Mustache Bash.

We found him upside-down in a wreath one morning.

He hung out in Neely's stocking for a day.

He made a zip-line in the breakfast area.

He made a mess using peppermints as blocks.

He perched on a Christmas tree branch.

He drew the kids a picture.

He found a girlfriend in Neely's room.

Remember ball pits? The gumball jar must have looked like one to Buddy.

This is today. Buddy fashioned himself a fishing pole out of a pencil, some twine, and an ornament hook. He was fishing for goldfish crackers.

All that traveling must make Buddy hungry.


  1. I love this!! We have a elf named Jack and it has been soo fun this Christmas season with him.

    Found your blog through Life after I dew.
    Consider me your newest follower :)