Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parks and Planes

Ah, the spray park. It may look glamorous and fun, but this particular one is surrounded with mud that could probably swallow a small child whole. Within minutes of arriving, Aidan was stomping around the perimeter and lost one of his fancy new Nike beach shoes that his Granny sent him. It was a tragedy. I thought I knew about where he'd lost it, because he stopped his progression through the puddles and stared at the ground for a minute. That was when I noticed that he only had one shoe on. I and several other mothers and children searched through the gooey mess, to no avail. In one spot, I sunk into the mud almost up to my knee! I did manage to find someone else's missing shoe, so if you know anybody who lost a black Croc with a broken strap at the A.C. Steere spray park, it's there now. You can see it hanging out in the background behind Aidan.

I don't think Aidan had as much fun as he would have if he'd still had his shoes. The ground and the rest of the playground (that was without water) was very hot, and Aidan was pretty much confined to the spray park...where he was afraid to actually play in the water. He was only interested in the puddles. Go figure. That's what got him in trouble to begin with.

When we got home, the fun continued. I gave Aidan some Cheerios for his snack, and without my knowing it, he also got hold of a tube of Ritz crackers. The next thing I know, both are being loaded into his Little People airplane as cargo. Yum! Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners, because that is one mess that I would not have wanted to deal with otherwise. John needs to come home soon! The mischief only seems to escalate in his absence. I love my two year old, I love my two year old, I love my two year old...

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