Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Fond Farewell

In a few short hours, I will be saying a fond farewell to the Skittle. You have served me well, my friend. You've endured lots of road trips and college shennanigans. You've moved around with me these last few years. You drove me to the hospital the day I had Aidan...well technically, I drove me to the hospital in you that day, I suppose. And now, it's time to say good-bye. I will miss you! You were a good first car. *sniff*

Okay, moving on...

I'll tell you what, kids. That Craigslist is amazing. I posted an ad for the car two days ago. I had three responses within hours of posting my listing. I think I got five responses total. Two of them were from local used car lots, and we decided to sell it to one of them. We're supposed to be taking it to them, getting some money, and handing over the title and keys when John gets home from work this evening. It's kind of surreal. I feel like I've had this car FOREVER.

So we get to be a one-car family for a little while. I guess this'll put a fire under our butts to get a new one now. I don't know how long I'll be able to handle getting up to drive John in to work every day!


  1. Tell John his mom said, "ride the bike!"

  2. It makes me a little bit sad, too.

    And let me just say I laughed out loud at the first "anonymous" comment.

  3. oh my gosh. you HAVE had that car forever. *snif*

  4. Ah, the Skittle. Technically, it also served as a pumpkin kidnapping vehicle, and eventual pumpkin hearse.