Thursday, August 21, 2008

Haircut Day

My opinion as far as Aidan's hair is concerned, so far, is that when he starts to look like a Q-tip, it's time to get a haircut. And he was definitely looking like a Q-tip, especially with his bedhead some days. I've been trying to wait for a day when John could go with us, since it's slightly difficult for Aidan to sit in my lap right now, but with all that's going on, it just wasn't working out. I finally made the decision to "go it alone" for our monthly trip to see Ms. Teresa. I was so proud of Aidan. He sat in the haircut chair all by himself for the first time today, and he was rewarded with TWO lollipops and a sticker! As you can see, this is very exciting. I just had to take a picture and share.


  1. I seriously almost started crying. He is the cutest little boy I've ever seen!!!!!!

  2. He's so cute! Speaking of cute, when is that other little one coming? I want to meet her!

  3. A Q-tip? You are funny!!! :) He looks like such a big boy with his new haircut! :)