Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30 Minute Meal the other night, I decided to try fixing something new and healthy-ish for supper. My mom has made it before, and it was super yummy. It's Rachael Ray's Chile Relleno and Green Rice recipe from the Food Network. 30 Minute Meal? Yeah, right. Stephanie was in town, so there were two of us chopping and cooking, and it took us two hours. Two hours! I'm pretty sure it's impossible to make this meal in 30 minutes. The actual cooking time of everything was less than half an hour, but you have to be a super chopper to get all the prep work done in the other five minutes. Sheesh!

I will say this, it still tasted fabulous, so that's good.

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  1. Okay, I want the recipe! It looks great. You need your own show, girl........Two Hour Suppers with Audra!

    My creativiteth runneth outeth on the word verification. Maybe next time!!