Thursday, January 8, 2009


Aidan started a gymnastics class today. There are four kids in the class, all about his age, and boy, was it funny to watch. They started out by stretching on the floor a little. Aidan had a hard time sitting in one place. He'd sit down, participate a little, do a lap around the room, sit back down, participate a little more, etc. The next thing they did was an obstacle course. They ran up a little ramp, jumped off, ducked under a bar, ran around the room, and then crawled under a little tunnel. Aidan was literally lapping the other kids. For each one of their times through, he'd do three. Next up, the balance beam. He did pretty awesome with this. They did it forwards, backwards, and sideways. Backwards was a little iffy, but he sped through the others. Again, I think he hopped up on the thing in between each of the other kids and did it way more times than everybody else. Next they did pencil rolls and forward rolls down a little inclined mat. This was not quite as interesting to Aidan. Then, the kids swung from a low bar, hung from it like a possum, and then hung from it like a bat. Aidan didn't want to do the bat at first. He told the teacher, "Bats are scary." Next were the headstands. Of course, they had to have lots of help with this, but it was entertaining to watch. The grand finale was the trampoline. Aidan really loves jumping on the trampoline. He wore himself flat out. He'd better take an awesome nap today. Hooray for gymnastics!

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