Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chalk It Up

After experiencing temperatures in the 20's just two weeks ago (in Louisiana, I know!), it's been really beautiful this week. It was in the 70's yesterday. I had to dig out my flip flops. Because the weather has been so nice and we're trying to ward off cabin fever, we've spent a good deal of time outside - finally taking down Christmas lights (sorry, Papa! Aidan was concerned that you'd be upset about our ruining your hard work.), playing at one of the three playgrounds within walking distance of our house, and in our very own driveway. Here are a few photos of Neely's first sidewalk chalk adventure.

Is this what I do?

Who needs chalk? This lid is pretty awesome.

Little Miss Happy and Mr. Serious

Sorry I cut off your head, Neely, but your sneaks are cute.


  1. Looks like a fun day! Hope the tornados didn't come near you yesterday.

  2. Audra, I love the photo of them looking right at the camera...Neely is such a little you!

  3. We probably won't see 70's here until April, if we're lucky. We had some freezing rain last night so the kids are home from school.
    Your two are just too cute!