Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Master Bath "Do".

I finally got one room in our house totally decorated...the master bathroom. I didn't even set out to finish it first, it just kind of happened. It's funny, because the master bathroom was the one room that never got any love in our last house.

The new bathroom is crazy big compared to the last bathroom we endured. This is the first time we've ever had a double vanity (a dream come true), but since our last home had only a sink with no counter to decorate, I had to improvise. I think the only things in this bathroom that were in the bathroom before are the shower curtain and the wire basket on the back of the potty. Oh, and the towels.

The tiered basket has been moved back and forth between my kitchen and dining room for the last couple of years. I think I actually like it better in the bathroom. It's been a catch-all since we moved in, but I added some jars for more clearly defined places for things to live, and it looks awesome. Ignore the purple Q-tips. They didn't know they were going to be visible. They will be replaced with white ones when I have to refill that jar.

The curtain used to hang on my front door. I folded it up a bit, attached some clip rings, and voila! Instant curtain. Please also ignore the light shining over the top of the curtain. I need to raise it a few inches.

These feather and egg prints once hung in my entryway, but I no longer have an entryway. Since I can't hang them for everyone who visits my home to see, why not put them in the bathroom? I love them. I'm glad I get to look at them every day.

And my cubes. I got the cubes on the cheap at Target last summer. They sat at the foot of my bed for a while, but they match perfectly with everything else in the bathroom, so why not? They're helping fill up the dead space on that side of the room.

I just looked at my big picture at the top again. Try not to judge me for my trash. I should've emptied it before taking the picture. Whoops! Anyway, I'm sharing because I feel like I've finally accomplished something with this house! What's next? Living room? Master bedroom? Neely's room? Who knows?!

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  1. Looks so nice! I love the brown and aqua together. I also love the egg prints. I've wanted them for some time myself. Your mistreatment is great too!