Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Week

Last weekend, it was hot, hot, hot. Well, for January, it was hot. I think the temperature was in the mid-70's, and we were all having fun outside in our shorts and flip flops.

I love capturing these little boogers in their true state - in motion!

Neely Bug tries so hard to blow her own bubbles. Every once in a while, the wind would pick up and help her out.

We also had friends come to town - and get stuck at our house - this week. We had so much fun! Even though it looks like Maddie must have driven over from Texas by herself in the photos, Aunt Fanny and Lila came, too. 

Aidan:  I would share these chips with you, but it's never too early to start watching your figure.
Maddie:  Don't make me go get my mom.

Maddie and Neely's favorite pastime? Squeezing their little bodies behind the cushion on my love seat. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to get them both looking and smiling at the same time.

 Yesterday, it snowed! And iced. The combination left this weird frozen mass on the lawn that really wasn't good for anything. It was really tough to scoop up, and basically impossible to roll in a ball. Alas, no snowman. Aidan got out his shovel and did a pretty good job reenacting "Holes."

 In the absence of a second shovel, Neely opted for a putter. Whatever works!

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