Wednesday, February 23, 2011


These are not the photos I promised to share yesterday. Sorry. I'm still deciding which I want to share. :)

These photos are from our weekend in Oklahoma. We went to see my brother-in-law graduate UPT and for my niece's first birthday. I have no photos of the graduation, because I was trying to keep my daughter from licking the chair in front of her and answering the questions, "What's Papa doing?" and "Where's Mikey?" about 400 times. No amount of Goldfish could keep her completely quiet. 

I do, however, have a few photos to share from the birthday party. Here's sweet Lycie in her birthday outfit. Yee-haw!

 Here's a sweet, pudgy hand going after her first cupcake.
 And here she is eating it! Finally! It took her a few minutes to really go after it. 
 We decided to take advantage of all the togetherness and take a family photo. Everybody looks great!...except for my children, who look a little bit weird, because they're yelling, "Cheese!"
 Don't be mad, Jamie, but I laughed out loud when I saw this one. Mamas can be silly sometimes, too.
 Making Aidan sick on the merry-go-round so his Mommy can take a picture. :)
 Neely and Daddy, just a-swingin'.
 And Neely giving Papa a run for his money.

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  1. These pictures are great because everybody is having fun!