Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookie Fiasco

Today, I discovered a crafty activity that not only do I not love, I loathe it. And by the time I quit, I swore I’d never do it again. What was it? Making cookies. Actually, the making cookies portion of it was not bad. I like making cookies. Icing said cookies? Totally different story.

I'll back up and explain a little. Neely wants a Hello Kitty birthday party this year, so I saw a Hello Kitty cookie cutter online and thought, "How cute! I can make Hello Kitty cookies for the party." I decided to give it a trial run, so I'd have some practice, know how long they take, etc.

Everything tastes great, the icing that I had the patience to pipe onto the cookies even looks okay, it is just the single most tedious thing I have ever tried to do. I spent the entire day working on them, with only minor interruptions here and there. By 4pm, I threw in the towel. Sorry, Hello Kitty, you don’t get a face. Well, three of them do, but only because I had a handful of mini M&M's in the right colors. And they don't look cute. I nearly lost the feeling in my right hand from squeezing the darn pastry bag. I don’t know how people do this and enjoy it. It is not for me.

Here are my goofy-looking Hello Kitty cookies. If you want to see cookies that actually look pretty, go visit Bridget at Bake at 350. She makes it look like a breeze. I make it look like an exploding mess of crazy. Her Vanilla-Almond Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipes are good, for those of you who are handier at this baking business than me.

My poor kids suffered for it, too. After spending the entire day standing in the kitchen, I couldn't bear to even think about cooking dinner. So we went to Taco Bell. The end. 


  1. You've just explained the reasons that I rarely baked cookies. You helped me shed the last of the lingering guilt.Thanks!