Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neely's First Haircut

I took this little blonde mess to have her hair cut for the first time today. Up until recently, if I mentioned having her hair cut, she'd have a meltdown. It finally dawned on me that the only haircuts she's witnessed are Aidan's. She must have thought I was threatening to shave her head. Last week, I took her with me to get my bangs trimmed, and she thought it was awesome. We made her an appointment that day.

Up top there, those are her "before" pictures. I tried to take some at home this morning, but you really couldn't tell how long and stringy it was getting in them.

Neely was awesome for her haircut. I do not remember Aidan's first haircut - or his second, third, fourth, etc. - with fondness. He was a nightmare. Neely was so excited. She sat in the chair by herself and was completely quiet and still. It took less than ten minutes, she was so good.

Her "after" pictures turned out a little blurry, but you get the general idea. The back has been cut blunt so it will grow back out more evenly, and that little swoop she's always got across her face has been trimmed, too. My lovely little girl has been made even lovelier. And her reward for being such a good sport? She picked out blue crackle polish at the salon. Little diva.


  1. She is beautiful and her new hair cut is so stylish, just like the big girls. Aidan going to school and Neely's big girl haircut has happened much too fast.