Sunday, October 26, 2008

The State Fair

Papa took us to the State Fair today. We had lots of fun. Aidan was a bit apprehensive about riding rides, so we spent most of our time observing and feeding the animals in the State Fair Zoo. We got to see elephants and llamas. Aidan rode a pony. We watched pig races. And Aidan fed the goats and a tall, tall giraffe (that took his whole hand in its mouth to get that carrot). After lunching on some yummy corndogs and lemonade, we finally convinced Aidan to ride a couple of rides. He had a really good time on the airplanes, and the motorcycles...well, they were a little bit fast. He looked to be a little bit angry at his Papa for abandoning him. But all was well as we finished the day with a hot, sugary funnel cake. Hooray!


  1. Not many people can say they have had their hand inside a giraffe's mouth!! (bragging rights?!?) So cute!

  2. So he was afraid of the rides, but not a giraffe eating his hand?!?!

  3. I'm surprised he didn't have to go trick-or-treating as Captain Hook after this!