Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Three

Over the weekend, my baby boy turned three. Three years old! I can hardly believe it. We had lots of family come in to help celebrate, and he had a fun birthday party with all of his friends, too. And still, two days later, he's asking for more if he didn't receive enough. Thanks to everyone who helped make Aidan's third birthday wonderful!

And Stephanie, I will be calling later, I promise. I know I forgot to call you on YOUR birthday. I've got some major groveling to do.


  1. Yay, I'm so glad he had a good time!!!

  2. Lord, please don't apologize for not calling. I know Aidan's big three takes major precedence! BTW, I can't believe he is three either.

    Okay, seriously, I am not making this up...the word is "potti." How perfect!

    On Aidan's Third Birthday, his Mommy left him presents all over the house...and he left his mommy a present in the "potti!"

  3. I wish! He only leaves me presents in his underpants!

  4. Wow! Are we old enough to even have kids? Geez.

    Well, anyway, your sweet boy is precious!

  5. Is Aidan winking? I think I taught him that! Don't post this if he already knew how!
    "sticalit" If I sticalit cigarette in his mouth and took a picture would you post THAT?