Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learning to Walk

Before you watch the video, I say only this: Unless or until you have tried to balance a newly walking infant on her feet, scoot backward across the floor far enough away to videotape but close enough to convince her to walk to you, and tried to fend off a three-year-old and a dog at the same time, please do not comment or complain about the quality. I know that I didn't get her feet in most of the shots. I'm sorry. I did try.

And for those who remember Aidan's huff and puff face, yes, Neely has started making it. And it's even more hilarious with her puffy little lips.

Anyway, Neely walks. Enjoy.


  1. Aww! SO cute! I love the puffer face.

  2. Yes! The huff and puff face is back!

  3. Precious are the first steps! And so is the little face.

  4. Hey Audra! Your kids are super cute. :)

    I saw your comment on Nester about not wanting to mess up the walls in your military-privatized housing. We live in exactly the same situation (Pinnacle for you too?) and I have thought many a time about that repainting we'll have to do next summer!

    I recently helped a friend paint, and this is what I am planning for our house reset: 1. Buy a sprayer 2. Use it to put on primer, then paint 3. Stock up on paint from self-help all year. 4. Use fabric on the walls of the next house!

    We are allotted 5 gallons a year from the property management company, so it should perfectly match the walls that are still white... I recommend checking into that and finding out if they'll give you the same!

    Love your sewing, by the way! The baby things are adorable.

  5. Sorry Pinnacle is so stingy with the paint there. :( Hope you have a great visit with your 'rents!

  6. That is hilarious! And awesome! Yay for Neely!

  7. such a cutie. I can't believe it!