Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Craft Fair Progress Report

As promised, here's the update on craft fair prep. But right up front, for anybody interested or located nearby, it's going to be at the Bossier Civic Center on October 23-24. Admission is just $3. Come and see me!

Okay, shameless self-promotion is over. Moving on.

Back in August, I laid my money down and reserved a booth for this craft fair, and at about the same time, I started working really hard to build up my inventory. When mid-September hit and I realized that this was really going to be happening soon, it was like somebody lit a fire under me. For the last few weeks, at the end of the week, I have been amazed at how much I've managed to get done, especially considering that I've still been taking orders in the meantime.

I promise this jumble of mess makes sense to me...most of the time. I've been focusing mainly on Halloween and Christmas outfits, applique bibs, handmade burp cloths, and lots and lots of numbered tees. I've managed not to get any pics of those, though. Here are some of the goods...

Whew! That's where I am in the process. I'm still working hard to finish a lot of things up. I hope I end up with enough! I also hope there are enough people that want to buy these things. Otherwise, I'm in trouble. 

Oh, yes. Thank you for reminding me. My new shop name is Neely Bug Boutique. I'll be transitioning my Etsy page in the next few weeks. My longtime friend Amanda designed it for me. I love it! I hope you do, too. :)


  1. okay, so the more I look at these pics, I'm thinking--- how in the world does she have time to do all this??? You are awesome!!! :)

  2. so cute!!!!! love it! You can do it you can do it!

  3. Wow Audra! I so wish that I had your talent, and I wish that I lived closer so I could go to the craft fair and go crazy buying your beautiful things!

  4. We need to get to the Civic center - I also need to get some boys stuff ordered for an employee of mine who is due with twin boys this fall...you do great work!!!