Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D70 Obit

It is time to say good-bye to a faithful old friend. When I celebrated my first anniversary, you were there. When my children were born, you were there. You have been my companion on many vacations, and you have documented too many holidays, milestones, and unexpected moments to count. Sadly, nothing lasts forever - you included. Your 6.1 megapixels are no longer cutting-edge, and I have long been envious of others' sharper photos. And now, I can no longer trust you. You corrupted one memory card full of photos from an important family event, and yesterday, you destroyed an hour and a half of hard work. (Don't worry, it was only pictures of EVERYTHING I have made for the craft fair and need to list on Etsy. The subjects will still be cooperative, but I am resentful of the time lost.) I will soon be replacing you. Hopefully.

Does anybody know where to send cameras when they die? Can they be recycled?

1 comment:

  1. OOh. I don't even know where the camera graveyard is!

    You need a trusty camera!!