Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homemade Gift - ABC Crayons

Today, I want to share another homemade gift idea. This one's for the kids. Life in Grace hosted 12 Days of Handmade Christmas back in November, and I got this idea there. If you want to see a tutorial, please click here. There's no sense in me redoing what's already been done. :)

I - probably because I'm completely insane and enjoy making enemies of other mothers - decided to make these as gifts for Aidan's preschool class this year. I have finally finished making 15 batches of alphabet crayons. Like I said - insane. I wouldn't suggest taking on this many if you're overly fond of your fingernails. Peeling 720 crayons is tedious work.

But I like giving a unique gift, and Aidan is really excited about them. Good thing he gets to keep a bag.

If you're wondering where the packaging came from, you can find these cellophane bags at Garnish. They're the largest size. And that adorable cherry red twine? It came from The Twinery.


  1. OH, I wish Ella was in his class!!! he he he!!! These are too cute, love them!!! :)

  2. Years ago I made cupcake crayons with leftover broken crayons.I collected them from my own supply and those of the classrooms at church. I took them on a mission trip to use with the children overseas. The children at church peeled them for me during a missions emphasis in VBS so I didn't have to peel any. Diane P.

  3. You mean we could do this with the 5 million crayons we have from YOUR childhood? We should offer to pay for therapy...but then we wouldn't have all these entertaining blogs to read now would we?!

  4. BRILLIANT!!!!! I need to do this....ASAP. Thank you!