Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Tradition

My kids - Aidan especially - have definitely gotten a case of the holiday crazies lately. He asks me every day if it's Christmas yet. They're a little more wound up than usual. They fight a little more. I kept threatening to bring home an elf, and I finally had to hold myself to it.

We named our elf Buddy. You know, like in the movie Elf. The kids love him. It's very exciting to come downstairs each morning and find where Buddy has camped out to watch us for the day. Aidan is even trying to outsmart Buddy a little bit. When we were driving to school this morning, he said, "Hey, Mom. Buddy can't see me in the car, you know." I had to remind him that I can tell Buddy when we get back home if he's been misbehaving. And holy cow, when I had to put Neely in time-out with Buddy watching, it was catastrophic. She has never gotten so upset about being put in time-out before. I think Buddy was a good investment. He's certainly a lot of fun.

If you don't have an elf for your shelf, you should get one!


  1. I just learned this year about the Elf on the Shelf...I'm gonna get one next year..even though Pippa will only be 1 I think it will be a fun tradition to start!