Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breakfast Room

This is the only room in my house that I'm completely satisfied with so far. Everywhere else is almost there, but I'm still tweaking things. Anyway, here is our breakfast area. Right after we moved in, I posted photos of the kids' silhouettes on the wall. I've now got something hanging above my sideboard, my nicknacks just how I want them, and the spare chair at least looks like it's doing an important job.

I didn't want to use my old soda crates to store thread anymore. As small as my sewing area is now, I was afraid I'd constantly be knocking them off the wall. I like them in the kitchen, though. 

My big, red sideboard that I love. This was one of the major deal-breakers on whether or not we offered on this house. I had to measure to be certain that it would fit on this wall. Other furniture? Disposable. ;) Not this piece. 

Here are some closer shots of what I've collected on big red. A sugar mold, a ceiling tin, the angel Aidan gave me for my birthday, a Yankee Candle that I got for my birthday, some pictures...

...birds, of course, a hobnail milk glass pitcher, a cake stand, and some adorable pear-shaped candles that I found at Lulu on Main Street in Franklin. I love it. I've had this sideboard for several years now, and this is the first time that I haven't felt like it wasn't quite right. Hooray! I'll keep tweaking, and I'll share more rooms as I start to like them better. :)


  1. It's an inviting room. I like it.

  2. absolutely darling! i love the pear candles!!!