Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Mother's Day Fun

I have most definitely been neglecting the blog lately. I'll share more about the reason why later on, but for now, here's a little bit of how we celebrated Mother's Day. Really, we just went to church and then hung out at home. Neely made up a song for me before we left for church. It was probably the sweetest gift ever, especially since she doesn't really know or give a rip that it was Mother's Day.

Here are the two goofy little reasons that I get to celebrate. They're in swimming gear, because we set up the pool and hung out in the yard all afternoon.

Lycie likes it.

All three babies together. Okay, so they're not all babies anymore, but still. They have fun together. I think Lycie's going to be giving Aidan and Neely a run for their money soon. 


  1. They look so grown up and oh so cute!

  2. Three of my greats that help to make all my days special!

  3. I had to look back into your blog to make sure I didn't miss the fact that you had three children. I figured it out.