Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween decorations are up!

I finally got my Halloween decorations put up! I did a fall transition mantel that was mostly pumpkins and candy corn, and I didn't like it. Halloween is now in full effect. Well, mostly. I'll probably add a few surprises just before Halloween. 

I loved the deco mesh wreaths on my front doors so much that I decided to make a giant purple and black one for the mantel. My intent had been to do more apothecary jars and creepy stuff. Ultimately, I decided to wing it and use things I had around the house (or that were cheap), and I like it!

I found that glittery skull for $2.50 in the cheap stuff section of my Target store and balanced him atop an old weathered candlestick that I haven't used in a while. I salvaged a couple of old empty wine bottles and attached some spooky labels that I found on Amazon for under $5. I always have empty jars lying around, so I also filled a couple with bouncy eyeballs and plastic spiders that also came from Target.

I found those adorable printables for free! Here's Keep Calm and Scary On, and here's Eat, Drink, and Be Scary. They may be my favorite part of the whole mantel. 

Does anyone else decorate with candy corn? I love it. It, thank goodness, is also cheap, because it took a whole lot to fill that jar. My purple owl friend was originally white and found at Marshall's for $4. I wanted him to look more Halloween-y, so I spray-painted him - or I guess her, really - purple.

That's it, folks! Halloween at the Owens casa so far. 


  1. Awesome. I think we have three of those white owls. Will you help me decorate?

  2. Why would you want my help? You are the Halloween master!