Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thirty-One for the Holidays

Tomorrow, I am participating in my first holiday show as a Thirty-One consultant. There are going to be several vendors there, and I've been trying to revamp my display to give people ideas for how to use our products as gifts. I'm using you as my guinea pigs, so please tell me what you think. 

First, I used one of our littles carry-all caddies to create a spa gift basket. The caddy is the wrapping. Add a pretty tag and bow, and it's ready! I found a pretty bottle of lotion and soap at Marshall's and grabbed a pack of loofahs at the dollar store. Here it is out of the basket...

...and in the basket. This is the tailored stripe print. I love the black and white with the hot pink handles. Adorable.

Next, I put together a movie basket. I put a DVD, some popcorn containers from the dollar store, a cute jar of candy from Marshall's, and a couple bags of microwave popcorn in a littles carry-all. This print is called Winter Wonderland. It would be cute to have a box of tissue hanging out in this one around the holidays, too. So, in the caddy...

...Out of the caddy. You could stick a movie theater gift card in the mesh pocket on the outside of the caddy if you're feeling really generous. 

This is the last one I used the littles carry-all for. It's a coffee lover's basket. All I put in this one is an acrylic travel mug (one of my Neely Bug Boutique holiday mugs, of course), a pound of coffee, and a bottle of flavored syrup that I found at the dollar store. Not only is it surprising how much I managed to fit in these little caddies, I was also surprised at how much awesome stuff I found at the dollar store! In...

...and out. :)

I used a larger tote for the next one. This is Thirty-One's all-in-one organizer. You could call this one the baker's bag, or cook's tools. I got a package of wooden spoons from the dollar store, but I removed them from the ugly package and tied them up with a pretty ribbon. I also put some dish towels and scone mix that I found at Marshall's inside. For the show, I'm also going to put a cookbook in there. I forgot to do it before taking these pictures. Whoops! 

The all-in-one organizer is in Thirty-One's Windsor Bouquet print. Love.

This is the last one. I used another all-in-one organizer, Paparazzi Dot, and turned it into a traveler's tote. I filled it with holiday magazines, crossword and sudoku books, a new journal, and a couple of fun snacks...and there's still room to spare! For a teenager, you could add a handheld game. For a younger child, you could do coloring books and crayons or markers instead of magazines and puzzle books. You could even fit some small toys in there. Now that I think about it, my kids are totally getting their own travel bags the next time we take a trip. 

I'm hoping that these ideas spark my customers' imaginations at all the holiday shows I have coming up. What do you think? Any additional suggestions?


  1. They look awesome! good luck at the event and let us know how you did!

  2. How about a "campfire bag" with a fleece blanket (from the dollar store or Thirty-One), graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, a mug and homemade hot chocolate mix?