Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dress.

For those who knew I was working on this dress: IT IS FINISHED.

For those who didn't, here's the story. I was walking through Hancock's a few weeks ago, when I saw this sign advertising clothing patterns for $1.99. In that moment, something possessed me. I scanned through a book and chose a couple of patterns to bring home with me. After I got said patterns home and pulled one out of the envelope, I realized I hadn't a clue what to do with it. Luckily for me, John's parents would be visiting soon, and his mother is fantastic at sewing. When she arrived (seriously, probably not more than 15 minutes after setting foot in my house), I asked for help. We went to the store, we picked out fabric, and we were off!

Making this tiny little dress was a very daunting task, but now that it's done, I feel like I've accomplished something great! Like climbing a mountain! Okay, or just making a child's dress...and hat and giant bloomers. Really giant. If the elastic were longer, I could almost wear them.

Seriously, I'll probably keep this dress forever, that's how proud I am of it. I love the blue flowery pattern, the green gingham lining, and most of all, the hot pink rickrack.

I even managed to do a fairly decent job on my first attempt at a slipstitch. It only shows a little bit...and it's only slightly puckered. And okay, so you can tell at the end that I didn't know how to tie it off or what exactly to do with the thread, but I don't care! I did it!


  1. I HEART the ricrack!! Wow, Dra I am so impressed. Teach me please :) My sewing maching thinks I am mad at it because it never gets used...

    Annie B.

  2. So, the question is ... does it fit???

  3. Not yet! We made it a little big so she could wear it in the summer, when she actually needs a sundress. ;)