Friday, July 24, 2009

The Bloomers

I've finally ordered bloomers to personalize for Neely. I also bought this adorable font and voila! Bloomers. And yes, I'm aware that the name is off-center, but it's very tricky to get elastic-y bloomers into an embroidery hoop. I had to hold onto it while it sewed to keep the opposite side out of the way. I'll get the hang of it soon. This pair is to match a mystery project that I will share soon. :D


  1. Back Away From The Machine before it is too late. It will have you in it's clutches & there is no escape.

  2. I am starting to really want an embroidery machine...and to just be you in general!

  3. Darling. Once they are on a little baby's behind they're never straight anyway! I love all things embroidered. You did a great job!