Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Cupcake Caper

I've finally made my first fancy cupcake attempt. I was most enamored by the beautiful sunflowers, so they are the ones I chose to try. Above is the picture from the cookbook showing what they're supposed to look like, you know, if you were a professional decorating cupcakes to be photographed for a glossy cookbook. Here are mine.

They're a little Monet meets Salvador Dali, but I'm hoping they'll be so delicious that it makes up for it. I still have a whole tray of unsunflowered cupcakes, because it took me nearly two hours to decorate these and by then, I was DONE. And that was just the decorating part. I actually baked the cupcakes yesterday! Maybe I'll sunflower the rest of them tomorrow. Then again, maybe we'll just eat them as they are.


  1. What gorgeous cupcakes! My mouth is watering.

    You'll be glad that you are going to Disney in November. On safari day it was 103 degrees with 93% humidity.

    I literally wrung out my shorts once. :( Blah!

  2. The sunflowers were some of my favorites in the book, too :)
    Glad you're having fun!