Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aidan's Room Redo...or finally did?

Alright, so I know this probably isn't going to satisfy anybody, but I've been busy! And I let all my camera batteries die! I finally got one charged back up today, and I snapped a couple photos of my proudest accomplishment this last week. I've finally made Aidan's room look inhabitable. I didn't even take before pictures, it was so embarrassing. All that was in his room was the bed, a rug, and a huge pile of mess (toys, books, stuffed animals, etc.) that had no home. I've been hunting around for a bookcase to put in there for the last couple of months. I wanted a big, tall one, but in order to feel good about a tall bookcase being in his bedroom, I wanted it to be pretty sturdy. You know, just in case he thought it might be fun to try and climb it one day or something.

I never found a bookcase. I conceded defeat and gave in to the $35 cube shelves from Target. I have one of these in the kids' playroom, I just wasn't sure I wanted one in Aidan's bedroom. I found one that went with his color scheme pretty well and ran with it. It's too bad I'm going to have to replace that lamp. Aidan knocked it off his nightstand and broke it. Well, not completely, but it doesn't work right. It's a 3-way, so it doesn't have a switch. You're supposed to be able to touch the base and it turns on and off. Weeellll...if you plug it in, the light comes on. And if you unplug it, the light goes off. But since the plug is behind the bookcase, it's kind of a hassle. I can at least reuse that lampshade.

And the barn stars came from Ross. They were painted a brownish-bronze color, and I hit them with a layer of red spray paint. You can still see some of the stripey, distressed pattern that came on them through the single coat I put on them. I like it.

The night stand is another Craigslist special. You know I love those. I got it for $10 from a lady with 11 kids...who is trying to adopt another. Crazy town! And yes, I spray painted it as well. I ran out of primer when I did it, so the back legs don't look so awesome, but that's why they're in the back, I figure. No one had to know, except that I just told on myself.

This room is still a work in progress. I need to find something to hang on the blank wall over his bed. I also need to make a decision about curtains. I have a pair from his room in our duplex, but they're too short for these windows. I could use them anyway, but it would bother me every time I looked at them. I'd also still have to get another pair to match. I could make some myself, but I've looked for fabric I like for his room and can never find any. One of these days, I'll figure it out.

Oh! Brainstorm! Maybe I can find something to hang over the bed when I go to Trade Days in Canton. Now, I'm excited.


  1. Audra, I have two tab-top curtains that are blue and white stripes that you are more than welcome to have. If you are interested, let me know, I will email you a picture. They have never been used. You could always make pillows or something else out of them, crafty lady :)

  2. Looks cute. I had a similar problem with a lamp of mine. I was at Lowes and I found a thingy that (you plug into the outlet and then plug the lamp into it)turns it into a touch lamp. It worked for me and it was cheaper than replacing the lamp. I think it was $6. If it doesn't work on your old lamp, you can always use it on another.

  3. Is that an owl face I see on the pillow???

  4. Just popping over from Kimba's party. Cute re-do!

  5. I like the room. Very nice for a little boy to grow up in! I looove the stars!