Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recovered Chair

Allow me to introduce you to my $3 yard sale find.

I've been needing a chair to use at my sewing machine, instead of always keeping one of my dining chairs up there, and when I saw this chair, I knew it was the one. I'm always willing to open a can of spray paint for a cause, this one would've been to make the chair match the orange and white room that it would be living in, but I was thrilled that I found a chair already painted white, with the perfect amount of distressing already done. All I needed to do is be rid of this yucky hydrangea fabric.

I love a hydrangea as much as the next girl, but not in my Tennessee room. Excuse me, John's Tennessee room. I set to work removing that dirty fabric. What did I find underneath? This.

It's too bad I wasn't planning on using this chair downstairs somewhere, because this fabric totally goes with my Americana obsession...and it's in perfect condition. I couldn't bring myself to remove it. I might want to peel off the orange and white and use it like that someday. Next, I cut a piece of foam in the shape of the chair bottom. Lucky for me, I already had the foam, leftover from making cushions to go underneath the kids' car seats to prevent them forming indentions in my seats like they have in John's car. Anyway, there was no rocket science involved here. I just laid that bad boy out on the foam and cut around it.

Next up, the fabric. I found this orange and white gingham at a local fabric warehouse for $5. I cut out a square just a little bigger than the chair seat then went to town with the staple gun.

When I finished stapling, I went back around with the scissors and trimmed all the wacky edges that were sticking out toward the middle. Put the seat back on the chair and ta-da!

The $8 sewing chair that doesn't clash with my husband's football motif. Love it.


  1. Oh Rocky Top you'll always be....only a few more weeks. Super cute chair, Dra.

  2. That's cute...I have a few chairs I'm recovering too, it's funny to see the 3 layers of fabric that have been added over the years, :)

  3. love it! Awesome for a "football" room

  4. Wow! Great job! I love it when people can see the potential in something like that. Me? I totally can't!

  5. I love the orange gingham--it's so crisp and new-looking now. Great job!

  6. You did a great job! I go shopping in your town quite often!

  7. Wow! That was easy! I love the new look ... and the practical side of your bargain find. Well done!!