Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preschooler Art

Here's what I really intended to share when I logged on this morning. Many of you have seen this first one, but a few months ago, Aidan sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and drew this.

As he drew, he told me that the one on the right is Daddy, and the one on the left is Aidan. I was pretty impressed. I'm not sure what the normal three-year-old can draw, but this was more than I expected. Like a good Mommy, I saved it...but apparently not in a safe enough place. It has gotten a little crinkled.

Aidan hasn't asked for crayons in a while, and I haven't thought to give them to him. A couple days ago, he asked for the crayons. This is what he drew.

There's a lot that's done in white crayon that I can't distinguish, but that is clearly a little dinosaur/dragon on the left side of the page. And there's an airplane flying overhead! And he told me that's a little black arrow pointing to the airplane. I mean, I know he's my child and I'm biased, but wow. I didn't really expect his drawings to be distinguishable for another couple of years. Silly me.


  1. Without a doubt, he has a special gift.

  2. This is further confirmation.

  3. as a former Kindergarten teacher....these are impressive:)

  4. I'm not saying your child isn't gifted 'cause I think his drawings are great but kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Did you know you could be teaching him to read right now? I taught my kids before they went to school. Make large flash cards with words on them. Start with things he knows like Mommy Daddy shoe car etc. Give him the same 3 or 4 until he knows them, then add 2 more and so on. I guarantee you will be so proud and so will he!!