Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Smells

It has finally, FINALLY started cooling off some here. I've gradually been getting out some fall decorations, but it's hard to get in the spirit when it's still 90 degrees outside. This morning, it was 53 degrees out! So wonderful. Now I don't have to feel funny lighting up my fall smelling candles. I especially love this one. Can you tell? I may need a new one soon.


  1. Yeah for Fall! It is finally cooling off up here in SC too.

    Just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I'm looking foward to seeing you guys at a UT game later this fall.

  2. I just got 3 fall scents from yankee. I LOVE THEM.

  3. I LOVE FALL. But, my fall decorations boxes are still sitting in my living room - since Sunday. Not unpacked. *Sigh* I'll use the boot as an excuse.

    I love my new Autumn scent from Scentsy!!