Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, we did the best we could with our dreary, stormy Easter Sunday. Up top, there's a picture of the kids checking out what the Easter Bunny brought them. I had planned on setting up the camera to get a family photo before we went to church, but it was really dark out with the clouds and looked like it'd pour down at any moment. We tried to get a picture of a few of us on the stairs inside, but John and Aidan didn't want their picture here are Neely and I in our Easter dresses. It's the best we could do.


  1. you guys look so cute! Maddie and I did not color coordinate...maybe next year! I'm so excited to see you guys too! Just for the record, I make no promises about the state of my house when you get here.

    Word: cyter

    It was so rainy and cold on Easter Sunday, all I wanted was a hot cup of cyter. With some rum in it.

  2. What a cute picture ... of the little green "ladies"!

  3. look at her adorable dress!!! I can tell you have fun having a little girl.