Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Neglecting my Feathers and Eggs

Over at the Nesting Place, the Nester is hosting a Mr. Linky party for those of us who purchased Feather and Egg prints from L. Herbert Designs to show off where we have proudly displayed them in our homes. I am sad to say, this is where mine are still living.

Every once in a while, I take them out and gaze at them. (No, I'm not kidding.)

Aren't they pretty? I think so. I was so eager to have them, since I missed the first go-round, that I purchased them without putting any thought into where they should hang. I'm thinking about here.

That's my nearly-naked entryway. Once upon a time, I had a pretty little hook board hung there, but the command hooks weren't strong enough to hold it and it broke when it fell. I've been wanting to put a console table or a bench there, so I'm thinking that I'll just make sure whatever I get coordinates with my feathers and eggs so I can finally hang them!

And maybe I'll quit being a procrastinator one day, too.


  1. Thanks for keeping it real. Your prints will look lovely in your entryway!

  2. That is so awesome! I wish I had those prints to pull out of a box and gaze at. Because if I ordered them, I am certain that is where they would still be! Great post!! Ha!

  3. Thanks for joining the egg and feather party and giveaway! I'm glad you're enjoying my artwork. :-)

    Don't feel bad, I don't have my own prints hung up yet!

  4. command hooks?

    those are for sissys! use a real nail woman!

    I have some prints still in the envelope too and I do the EXACT same thing. I take em out, line them up, rearrange them, hold them up to the wall and then put them back.

    The mat color that I used on my first set is discontinued so for me to hang all mine together I have to remat all of them!!!

    They'll look great in your foyer!

  5. I've actually done the same thing but with vinyl word decals.
    I think that sat for almost two weeks before I asked our teen to put them up.

    I don't have any prints but they seem to blend with many home decors and can be used in any room.

    Good luck in the drawing.