Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today was housecleaning day. I don't have video of it, of course, but Neely was sitting in the floor of the kitchen, I had the radio turned on, and she started to wiggle around. (It looked much like the car dance, Stef. She IS my daughter.) Of course, seeing Neely get attention for dancing made Aidan want to as well. He was so funny dancing around in his Nemo underpants that I couldn't help but to videotape him. (By this time, Neely had bumped her head on something, wanted to be held, and was no longer participating in family dance time.) One day, my son will probably be in therapy complaining of all the times his mother posted nearly nude photos and videos of him on the internet. Oh, well. It's worth it.


  1. OMG I AM DYING!!!! I love that he is dancing to "In Da Club," too. Perfect! My fave move is the one around 37 seconds in. I call it the "Hug n' Bump!"

  2. We almost peed our pants watching this! I can't wait to do the crazy legs with him when I get there!!

  3. Priceless! Where'd he learn that? He must be watching your late night dance parties! :)