Thursday, June 18, 2009


First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for my absence from Blogland for the last week or so. We’ve had company at our house, and I’ve relied solely on them to take pictures. I didn’t get my own camera out once. Okay, fine, maybe once. But I’ll go ahead and give credit for all the photos posted today to Mike and Jamie.

As you can see, the kids were super-excited to see their Uncle Mike. He makes a great jungle gym.

We took a trip down to the Boardwalk one evening for a walk and some ice cream. If Aidan looks like he’s up to no good, he probably is.

As you can see, everybody loved their ice cream. Neely shared some pink lemonade sorbet with me…

And Aidan devoured the biggest scoop of cotton candy ice cream I’ve ever seen.

We ventured out some, but most of our time was spent hanging out at home. Aidan can usually be found sporting some cool underoos.

And Neely is usually trying to get herself into trouble these days. I turned my back for 3.5 seconds, and she was under my desk trying to electrocute herself.

We had a friend over to play one morning, and to keep the boys busy, we played outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Apparently the “new thing” is to pour the bubbles onto the sidewalk and rub your hands in them, making greasy, bubbly weird spots on the concrete. I guess it kept them occupied, regardless of the fact that they were covered in bubble juice by the time they were done.

Neely sat in the grass and played with Jack instead.

All in all, I think everybody had a good time. Neely even gave her Uncle Mike a kiss good-bye…

Okay, fine. So that happened a couple of days before he left, but I couldn’t resist. It made for a better story.

P.S. Watch Jamie's blog for more photos. I'm sure her favorites are different than mine.


  1. What a wonderful visit. I love the cool underoos. :)

  2. Such great pictures. And, how is it that they find trouble so easily?

    BTW, Google is not forwarding custom domains, but my blog has been updated, please head over. and update your subscription:)