Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Runaway Ring Bearer

Tonight, as I tucked Aidan into bed, we had a conversation about our travel plans for the weekend and Joe and Margaret's upcoming wedding. I told him that Joe would be wearing a special suit and Margaret will be wearing a pretty white dress, and that they'd be walking down an aisle to get married. I also reminded him that he'd be wearing a special suit and carrying the ring pillow down the aisle, and he should carry it carefully and walk slowly. To this, Aidan told me no, he would be running. We argued about this for a little while. I'm not sure who got the last word in. Maybe they should play Flight of the Bumblebee for Aidan's entrance. Please don't let him run. Whatever speed he chooses to go, I feel fairly certain that he's going to find a way to turn this wedding into a comedy. Joe, Margaret, I apologize in advance.

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