Monday, June 1, 2009

Revamped Foyer

A couple of months ago, in this post, I showed a photograph of my barren entryway. I’d purchased a set of Feather and Egg prints from L. Herbert Designs with the intent of eventually hanging them there, but I didn’t want them to stand alone.

Last week, I finished rehabbing this sofa table to coordinate with the prints. The table is situated, my feathers and eggs are hung, and I am eager to share! It took me a few days to situate things on this table, but I think it’s a good starting point. I tried really hard to use things I already had in my house and not spend any more money on this project.

I hung the prints in dollar store frames, spray painted the same brown I used for the table, and lazy-matted on aqua scrapbook paper. It was simple, and I love it.

Do you see that lamp? That lamp has been living in a box of things to take to Goodwill since December. I’m so glad that box never made it out of the house. I’d have been kicking myself! At some point, I’d like to vamp up the shade a little bit and maybe adorn it with a fancy tassel, but for now, I’m happy with it.

That little bird and upside-down bird’s nest jar have been adorning my fireplace mantel, but I like them better here. I don’t really miss them in the living room. They were just extra fluff there, and they’re going to get way more attention here in the hallway.

With the plants, I’m joining the succulent trend. See that little guy on the left? The one hiding behind the glare from the window? It’s ironic that I’ve given this one a home, because I’ve murdered one of his brothers. It belonged to our friend Steve (sorry, Steve!), and I was supposed to be babysitting it while he was deployed.

Once upon a time, that jumbo glass jar had a lid. It held my son’s Goldfish snacks, and I used a pretty old teacup to scoop them out each afternoon. I broke the lid one day and haven’t wanted to get rid of the jar. I’m glad I finally found a good use for it! I think the plants look wonderful and happy in there. And if they die, I’ll go spend $6 to replace them.

All in all, this was really easy, and it makes my foyer look much more inviting than before. Here's the full effect again, in case you've forgotten what it looks like by now.


  1. Looks awesome! I'm so glad you are getting a chance to work on some're motivating me to get stuff done too! you know if you can do a spray paint makeover on MDF? I want to turn the china cabinet that was in the dining room into a hutch/bookshelf/toy holder for Maddie's room, but it is for sure NOT real wood. Any ideas?

    word: atedlygo

    Atledygo, Audra! Great job on your foyer! (atedlygo sounded like an "attagirl" synonym, to me!)

  2. Your makeover looks awesome!!!

    John is going to come home to a whole new house!

  3. I am so impressed!!! Looks awesome. What was the total cost of the project...I'm always curious how little we can spend to revamp our homes! It just takes time and effort. You are SO good at repainting and repurposing things! I'll have to tap into your expertise and ask for some help on some things in the future!

  4. Let's see...$35 for the table, $15 for primer and paint, $3 for picture frames, and $12 for the plants. So the grand total was $65. Not too bad.

  5. I love that table, the blue looks wonderful. What a cozy little area.

  6. I loooooove the table.....gotta know the colors of spray paint that you used....please share!!!!

  7. Looooove the table! I gotta know the colors of spray paint that you used...please share!!

  8. The blue is Valspar Mediterranean (from Lowe's), and the brown is...shoot, I used the whole can. I'm pretty sure it was Rust Oleum, and the name was something like Espresso.