Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Potty Time - Not for the faint of heart.

Finally, we have some good news on the potty training front. Many of you know, we introduced Aidan to the potty last fall. He showed no interest in it and would scream if we tried have him sit on it, so we didn't push him. It was in his bathroom, ready for him, if he decided to try it. We'd ask at bath time each night if he'd like to sit on it, and he always said, "No!"

Last December, the night before we were to travel home for Christmas, Aidan decided he'd like to use the potty. I was ecstatic. My joy was short-lived, as he decided to be afraid of every potty other than the one in his bathroom. We made no progress while we were traveling, and by the time we returned home, he'd lost interest again.

For the last six months, I've been so frustrated. Aidan will pee pee in the potty, if you make him go. He never, ever would do a number two. He was treating his pull-ups like diapers. He would scream at me when I'd tell him it was time to try and go potty, and he'd go in his pull-up as I dragged him to the bathroom. I wanted to pull my hair out.

Three days ago, I ran out of pull-ups. I intended to go to the store for more, but I decided I would just put Aidan in his underpants and see how it went. (We tried this several months ago, and he'd just go in his underwear, really not caring that he was standing/sitting in a puddle.) He kept them dry for half the day and wanted to wear them to bed that night, so I let him. He woke up dry. I kept him in the underpants, and he kept going in the potty. He had a couple of accidents where he'd start to go, but he'd catch himself and finish in the potty.

Yesterday morning, Aidan had one such accidents where he couldn't pee pee in the potty anymore afterward. I knew he needed to poop. He kept asking me for a pull-up. I told him he couldn't have one, and that I wasn't putting his underpants back on him until he pooped in the potty. He hid behind the futon and pooped in the floor. BUT about halfway through, he started saying, "Mommy, help me!" I took him to the bathroom, and he finished pooping in the potty. Hooray!

Today, I let him wear his underpants in public for the first time. We went to the gym and Wal-Mart with no accidents. And tonight, he pooped in the potty all by himself. I'm so excited, and I had to share my joy. Over poop, I know. This is what motherhood has reduced me to. I so don't care. I will no longer be changing diapers for two children. Yessssss!


  1. YAY for Aidan!!!

    Its great when they "get it"

  2. I know the same joy all to well! Poop is to be celebrated!! We are in the throws of potty training with Max. I'm too afraid to let the pull ups run out though!

  3. I KNEW you two could do it! Way to be tough and not give in! Tell him his Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Pants are SOOOO proud of him. Maybe in a few months he can teach Maddie to go in the potty!

  4. Maybe I never told you this but getting them out of diapers is the summit of child's downhill from there!

  5. Hate to tell you this, but potty training is much easier than teaching them to drive. Sorry ... but at least you get a 12-year break in between.

  6. That's definitely some progress. Izzy was the same way with pooping...turns out she just need privacy. Although, I still have to tell her to go pee...I wish she would just go, but she won't.

    Does that mean I'm the one that's potty trained?