Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bed

Well, this is it. The crib is gone, and in its place is now a big girl bed. Isn't it lovely? I think so. I wish Neely thought so. And before any of you character-haters notice and give me a hard time - yes, those are Tinkerbell sheets. I have never seen anybody get so excited about sheets as Neely did when we were selecting them at Target. We thought it might help her get excited about the new bed. It didn't. She hates the bed. She starts crying before we can even lay her down in it, be it at bedtime or nap time.

This is a new experience. Aidan never cared where he slept. For a long time, he'd climb out of his bed and fall asleep on the floor. He finally figured out that the bed was more comfortable, but changing from crib to toddler bed, toddler bed to twin was no sweat. I should have known Neely would be a diva. Oh, well. We can sleep when we're dead, I suppose. ;)

The room is now a work-in-progress again. We need to rearrange the furniture some more and start figuring out where to hang things. It feels like there's more blank space now. I'll share as I figure out how to fix it.

One more thing, please don't criticize the photo. Nobody would be still or look at me. These children are constant motion, and the blurred photo is only evidence of thus.


  1. Love the bed. Maybe if everyone made a big deal over it and brother acted like he wanted it would that make her be like-No, it's mine? Or does she just not care. Eventually she will probably like it. Where is she sleeping until then? Will you have company tonight? HA

  2. Aww, She will love it!! It took a little time for my daughter to warm up to hers but over time she really loved it. The night light was key in the room!!!

  3. Aha! A night light. We may be going shopping later. :)

  4. She's already in a big girl bed? School the non-mommy here....how old are they when they transition to a big girl bed?

  5. Have you tried rails? They used to make some that slip between the mattress and box spring. We had them for you...in fact they're probably still in the attic! She'll feel more secure with them.