Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Aidan Learned at Church

**DISCLAIMER** I do not actually believe this is what Aidan was taught in class today, not completely anyway.

In the car as we drive home from church, we almost always ask Aidan what Bible story he learned about in class that day. Sometimes he remembers; sometimes he doesn't, which is unfathomable since I know it's been less than an hour and he could probably tell you what he ate for breakfast last Tuesday. But I digress.

Today, he brought home a picture of a snake that he made, so he at least had something to remind him. When I asked what he learned about, he began to tell me the story of Adam, Eve, and the sneaky snake. Once he finished telling the story, this was the conclusion he came to:

"God is a giant, because he lives all the way up in the sky. So he's a giant."

...and we're still getting our Bible stories mixed up with our fairy tales. :)


  1. Now, seems to me he has a good idea of who God is.

  2. HHAHAHAHA having kids is hilarious! :)