Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heading Out

We're about to take this show on the road! I made a last-minute decision to take the kids' to visit Nana & Pop before school starts this September, but with my first craft fair only two months away, I knew I'd have to take work with me. For most, this would mean packing a laptop. For me, this means spending the week cutting pieces for skirts and dresses and ruffle pants and loading them up in a giant Rubbermaid. The serger gets to come too. I'm sure my embroidery machine will be glad to get a little rest. Enjoy it, girl. I'll be running you ragged when I return. Here's hoping that I actually get some of this finished while we're away!


  1. You are so organized! Good luck getting it all done! I hope you have fun and get a lot done!!!

  2. Good luck!

    You should try your hand at some doll dresses... it's never too early to start :)