Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tennessee Wreath

I got this one in under the wire, with our first football game in just six days. Woo hoo! We love some college football around here. Once upon a time, when we lived in a house with a flag holder attached, we kept our big orange flag out year round...until it faded to yellow and we had to get a new flag to keep out year round and turn yellow. Our current house does not have a flag holder, so I got a little more creative. Instead of the traditional fall wreath with lots of leaves and berries and what not, I decided to go with the Tennessee theme.

I raided the homecoming aisle at Michael's for my supplies. I bought about a mile of inexpensive, plastic-y orange ribbon, a little bit of white ribbon, some ribbon with footballs on it, and a bunch of silk peonies. Oh, yes, and I bought a foam wreath form. Just grab the hot glue, and you're ready to go!
I started with the orange ribbon, gluing the end to the back of the wreath form, and began wrapping. I glued the ribbon to the back every three or four wraps, just to make sure it stays in place.

In the same way, I added white ribbon on top of the orange. It's looking Volunteer-y already.

Next up? The flowers. It makes life a lot easier if you get these with the flat piece on the back. 

After arranging my flowers, I added a few streamers...okay, a bunch. My wreath hangs a little crooked, because it's so heavy on one side. Oh, well. I love it. Go Vols!

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