Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, Cupcake!

Over the weekend, I received an awesome belated birthday present in the mail. (Thanks, Laura!) This book, Hello, Cupcake! makes me salivate just looking at the photos. I’m now envisioning a summer full of yummy cupcakes, dressed up to look like works of art…

…goldfish bowls…

…an alligator…


…and cute little owls!

Don’t worry, it has an awesome tutorial section at the front of the book, so I will work to improve my icing skills before wasting them on any actual cupcakes. I think Aidan is going to love this! Maybe I can have something really cool perfected by the time Neely’s first birthday rolls around.


  1. for the next care group meeting, we would like a Van Gogh please! lol

  2. definitely almost bought this book for myself!

  3. So wish we could be there for that! I love the wreath, and I think I might even make one.

    But first I have to spiff up my flight suit for our up coming party! Any ideas?

  4. I'm so glad you liked it! I saw it and thought, "Aidan can make messes with icing while Audra gets crafty. Perfect!" Promise me you'll try the owl ones? They were my favorite ;)

  5. I wanna eat the cookies!!!

  6. It's too late for me to be typing anything on the internet...good night and I meant....I want to eat the CUPCAKES! (gees....)