Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

I feel like we've packed a lot of action into this weekend. Saturday felt especially long, because I woke up early to be at a 5K by 8:00am. Don't anybody get too excited about that. I only did it because Ashley needed a walking buddy. We did pretty well, though. Our goal was to be finished in 45 minutes, and our actual finish time was 41 minutes and some change. We walked the first mile, and then for the last two, we'd jog to one light pole, walk to the next, jog to the next, etc. I'm pretty proud of myself for not finishing last. No pictures of that, though. I can tell you what I looked like - sweaty and purple. And the humidity was something like 80% yesterday. Yuck.

It was also garage sale day on base. Not a lot of people participated, but I did find this sweet pair of roller skates for Aidan. He was super excited. He did surprisingly well for his first attempt at roller skating. I guess he's got good balance. He only fell two or three times, and even then, he was smart enough to lean into a sit and land on his lil' booty. Most of his falling happened when John came outside to watch as we were making our way back to our house, and Aidan started showing off. Boys.

The final thing I wanted to share is that I've taught myself how to do appliques! I'm proud of myself. John keeps teasing me over how excited I am. I put this cute little "N" on a tank top for Neely. I have a couple more of the shirts, so I'm going to keep practicing.


  1. I looove Neely's little shirt. When I have a baby you'll have to do that for me or teach me!!

  2. cute little tank! love it!

    don't be surprised if i steal your idea for a couple of gifts....lots of preggos in my life right now!

  3. Sweet score on the skates.

    And, the shirt is adorable.

    If only I had a sewing machine!