Friday, May 29, 2009


A few months ago, I got tired of looking at these:

Not the kids. Look way in the back. Do you see them? Those yellowed lace curtains? They hung on all four windows in my dining room and all four in the living room. One day, I'd had enough of looking at them and took them all down, regardless of the fact that without them, you can basically see everything going on in my house when it gets dark out.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Stacey dug this Waverly rooster toile out of the clearance shelves at our local fabric shop.

It was $4.99 a yard! I'd been thinking of using red and white toile to make new curtain panels for my dining room, I just couldn't make myself pay $15 a yard or more for it. I got a little over three yards of this fabric - the biggest whole piece they had - for a little more than $15 total! Very exciting.

I've been working on these bad boys all week. I'd wait until the kids were in bed at night and spread out my giant pieces of fabric, measuring tape, and pins in the living room floor. I finished them last night, and I got them all hung this morning. They're definitely not perfect, which I'm okay with since it was my first attempt at curtains of any kind, but I like them. (Oh, and sorry the picture is weird. The light comes straight in the front of the house in the morning, so the photo is really bright on one side) I'm using that not-quite-the-right-color-red ribbon as sashes for the moment. I do have leftover fabric that I'll make matching ones with soon-ish, but I have more important projects I need to get cracking the ring pillow for Joe & Maggie's wedding that is fast approaching.


  1. Very cool! They look so great, Audra.

  2. I did notice you said "first" attempt and I giggled.