Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eat some corn!

Yesterday was Old McDonald Day at Aidan's preschool. I found out when I picked him up on Wednesday. The letter the teachers gave the parents said, "Dress your child as a farmer or their favorite farm animal." As we drove home, I asked Aidan if he wanted to be a farmer, or what animal he'd like to be. He didn't think for very long before he said, "Corn!" When I asked if he was sure, he said, "Farmers grow corn." I couldn't argue with that, so I rustled up the best last-minute corn costume I could.

Yes, that's a three sizes too big $2.50 t-shirt from Michael's, corned up with fabric paint. His teachers got a kick out of it. He was the only vegetable at school yesterday. And his friends thought he was a Ninja Turtle. Oops! I can see the resemblance now that it's been pointed out to me, but Ninja Turtles aren't really on my radar yet. Maybe we can recycle the corn costume in the future?

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  1. Ok, I really did laugh out loud when I read the title of this post! Kidd would be proud. And then I saw the picture and it got better! Love the costume, and the way his little mind works.

    Different note from your previous post: I need one of those skirts, ASAP. I will pay you whatever you ask. I will pay a premium if you skip other people to make mine first. I will drive to Shreveport to pick it up. Must. Have. Now. And I'm loving the new bow and my friend Madeline were just talking yesterday that pink and orange is the new "it" color combo for little girls.